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A Mixing and Recording engineer, producer, drummer and photographer from Brazil, living in Montreal. 
With more than 100 records and 13+ years of experience, I am here to do all I can to make your music sound as its best.


Erasy snippet 

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A little snippet of the new material Brazilian band Erasy is about to release.

Massa Sonora – Vencer 

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Playing a little bit while printing a mix for “Vencer” from Brazilian band Massa Sonora.
Signal flow is: headphone jack out from SSL X-Rack into Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, so, very crapy and noisy A/D in the end 😉
Not mastered and not a final mix.
No processing after the audio got into the camera.

Passando o tempo e fazendo umas imagens enquanto fazia o print da mix.
Gravado pela saida de headphones do SSL X-Rack e entrando numa Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, ou seja, conversão bem tosca no fim das contas 😉
Nenhum processamento depois de gravado pela câmera

The Acqua engine – is it the future of digital audio processing? 

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I’ve been using the products from Acustica Audio for several years now. Since the very beginning of the Nebula system and to me, it is the future of digital audio processing inside your DAW.

I love how it sounds (most of the time), their Dynamic Non-Linear convolution engine is just exactly what we were looking for. 

But it’s not the most practical system for sure. The whole: load a program (that is sample rate dependent) inside the Nebula plugin is slow and limited (although it has become much faster lately), and if you want different bands on a EQ (like we do every time) you have to load different instances of Nebula, etc, etc, etc. If you ever used it you know what I mean.
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FREE PLUGIN – HOFA 4U ProjectTime 

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The 4U ProjectTime is part of HOFA’s 4U Freeware bundle.

ProjectTime is on EVERY single project I worked on since I discovered it about a year a go. It’s a simple plugin that keeps track of how much time you spent on that specific project.

If you’re a mixer, producer, engineer, for hire, that’s a great tool to know how many hours you’ll have to charge for that specific project, or if you’re your own producer, engineer, mixer, at least gives you an idea of how much time you’re putting on each song/project.
The other plugins in the bundle are as cool/useful as ProjectTime:
– BlindTest let’s you compare up to 3 different audio tracks, blindly and rate the ones you like most. It compensates for loudness difference, so you can pick the ones you like most without having the loudest one always winning 😉
– Meter, Fader, M/S pan is pretty straight forward: lets you monitor levels of your tracks, set levels using it’s trim, and panning audio (going wider than regular stereo using phasing artifacts)
– Goniometer & Korrelator is a phase correlation and stereo spread meter that shows how in-phase your stereo and how wide your stereo signal is.
It’s free! Download and enjoy those cool tools!

FREE PLUGIN – Vintage Tube Equalizer 

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Ok… this is REALLY cool!

The folks at Ignite Amps put out this GREAT sounding Pultec inspired plugin for FREE! Click on the post title to get it!


I just did a comparison between my favorite Plutec-ish plugs and I must say that which one I’ll pick will be just a matter of taste.
I still have one that is my favorite plugin to boost the low end, grab the files on the link below and choose yours.
I’ll post the answer to which is which on my Facebook page in a few days!
Version: 1
39.1 MiB

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