"The Slippers" Original Soundtrack available everywhere!

Many years later, this beautiful album is available for the public to enjoy!
Most of the music was recorded over 5 years ago, focusing on getting a vintage sound (since it was going to be mixed in mono and it…


Iggor Cavalera - "Beneath The Drums - Antichrist"

On the new episode of Beneath The Drums, Iggor brings together Sepultura's original line up to play "Antichrist" from their 1985 debut EP "Bestial Devastation"
What an HONOUR to mix this... and it was also fun and challenging in many…


Resident Evil Village released!

The new Resident Evil, Village, is out now.

A while ago I was fortunate enough to engineer the recording sessions with CAPCOM's audio team responsible for this amazing project!

We tracked various different sources that would be used by the…