Hubert Proulx - "On s'oublie pas" single out now!

A few weeks ago I recorded Hubert Proulx in a more "home-recording" setup and this is the final result.
Everything you hear is recorded through a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII and the vocals are through an EV RE-20


Jinjer - "On The Top"

I used some free time in between projects to mix Jinjer's "On The Top" using Universal Audio LUNA, just to get used to the software.
Check out how differently we can interpret a song's mix based on the same raw…

Ocarina - "Estado de sítio" - 2009

So, 11 years ago I worked with the hardcore band from my hometown and only now their album is available on the digital platforms
If you're curious what it sounds like, you can check it out by clicking HERE for…

Briga - "Terrioire" Live Performance @ Hotel2Tango

And I was back at Hotel2Tango to record Briga and her band performing the songs of her new album "Territoire"

Recording, mixing and mastering under my responsibility :)

Enjoy the music!

If you want to listen to the full playlist, click HERE