AES New York for the mortals

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131st AES for the mortals!

Everyone that works in the music business know that today, we’re on a time where the old standards doesn’t apply anymore and the new standards are yet to be defined.
And this is how I’ll approach my review of the 131st AES convention in New York.
This is a different point of view because I’m not a gear reviewer and don’t own tons of gear (although I managed to have a modest set of modest outboard and mics after 10 years as a alternative/underground engineer/producer but I don’t own it anymore), I don’t get paid big bucks to mix a record… you’ve got the point, I want to spend my money where it will be more useful and where I KNOW it will last!
So, I’ll show you only what I think it’s a good value for the money, sounds good and is versatile (from what I could hear on a loud convention floor using headphones).


Tutorial 1: Reaper + Mixbus = Heaven!

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This is the first tutorial of many others that I’ll try to make to help the home recordists and starting engineers.

Today I’ll explain how to connect Reaper and Mixbus, using JackOSx (JackPilot).

I know it wont…


SoundToys Decapitator “Fatso” preset

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I’ve spent some time trying to make Decapitator sounding similar to the UAD FATSO when used with distorted guitars.

This preset was made on Reaper, using the VST version of the plugin, BUT, since Soundtoys plugs…


“Can I Sound Like That Record?”

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Most of the bands/musicians that are recording their work for the first time come to the studio “wanting to sound like something”.

It’s like they’re trying to achieve the sound of “that record”.

Those records they use…