Having fun with vintage Neve plugin emulations

Which one is the best Neve emulation plugin out there? I have no idea and I want you all to figure out on your own. Click on the post's title or on Read More to get the files.

Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard is OUT!!!

Ok, if 17 years ago when I started trying to record stuff on a 4 track Tascam cassete recorder, someone told me that I would be part of the team responsible for one of my favorite video-game franchises, I would say that was just crazy talk.


Cali's Trailer is out

I'm proud of the work my friend Brian D'Oliveira did for this trailer!
Recordings sounded awesome and just made my life easier when time arrived to mix and master this piece!

Erasy snippet

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A little snippet of the new material Brazilian band Erasy is about to release.


Massa Sonora – Vencer

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Playing a little bit while printing a mix for “Vencer” from Brazilian band Massa Sonora.
Signal flow is: headphone jack out from SSL X-Rack into Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, so, very crapy and noisy…


The Acqua engine – is it the future of digital audio processing?

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I’ve been using the products from Acustica Audio for several years now. Since the very beginning of the Nebula system and to me, it is the future of digital audio processing inside your DAW.

I love how it sounds (most of the time), their Dynamic Non-Linear convolution engine is just exactly what we were looking for. 

But it’s not the most practical system for sure. The whole: load a program (that is sample rate dependent) inside the Nebula plugin is slow and limited (although it has become much faster lately), and if you want different bands on a EQ (like we do every time) you have to load different instances of Nebula, etc, etc, etc. If you ever used it you know what I mean.