The Acqua engine – is it the future of digital audio processing?

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I’ve been using the products from Acustica Audio for several years now. Since the very beginning of the Nebula system and to me, it is the future of digital audio processing inside your DAW.

I love how it sounds (most of the time), their Dynamic Non-Linear convolution engine is just exactly what we were looking for. 

But it’s not the most practical system for sure. The whole: load a program (that is sample rate dependent) inside the Nebula plugin is slow and limited (although it has become much faster lately), and if you want different bands on a EQ (like we do every time) you have to load different instances of Nebula, etc, etc, etc. If you ever used it you know what I mean.
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Reaper 5 is out!

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I’ve been using the open Alphas and Betas for a while without any issues, so I guess 5 is really ready to go!

Check out what’s new on v5 here