R.A.J. - "Time"

This is another long-distance collaboration project.

Long-time friends Rodrigo and Arthur approached me to put drums on their song, so I tracked the drums at Hotel 2 Tango in Montreal back in April 2021 using my Apollo x8p on API Vision Unison preamps without much practicing before I started laying takes (I was using some spare free time at the studio. Thank you Howard) and the guys recorded at their homes with their own systems between July and August 2021 and I finished the mix on September, yeah, it's a slow process!  ;)

The mic selection is as follows:

- Electro-Voice RE20 for the kick
- Audix i5 for top snare
- Shure SM 57 for bottom snare
- Sennheiser 421 for tom and floor tom
- a pair of Bash Audio RM BIV-1 ribbons as overheads
- AEA R88 as stereo room

Mixed and mastered using Universal Audio's LUNA.

I hope you enjoy

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