Vaudou Brass Snare
  • Vaudou Brass Snare
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The pack comes with 3 Slate Trigger Instruments described below. Click here if you want more info on how the snare was recorded: - Complete: has all velocities and different hits for each velocity. It's completely DRY. No processing whatsoever. Perfect starting point if you want to sculpt your own snare sound. Mono WAV files. - PRO DRY: same thing as "Complete" but I added a lower tuning sample on the strongest velocities. It will be fatter and with more attack that the "Complete" instrument. Stereo WAV files. - PRO: this is the PRO DRY pack with some mild processing (EQing, compressing, reverb). Stereo WAV files.

Of course all WAV files are also available for you to use with your favourite trigger.

The Free pack works VERY WELL if mixed with any of those form the Complete pack (because is a different tuning as well).

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