Mixing & Recording Engineer, Music Producer & Photographer

A Mixing and Recording engineer, producer, drummer and photographer from Brazil, living in Montreal.  
With more than 100 records and almost 20 years of experience, I am here to do all I can to make your music sound its best.

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COVID Jamming #4 - "Exactly What You Wanted" 

This came out also in May: 

It's a cover of Helmet's "Exactly What You Wanted", one of my favourite songs of one of my favourite bands.

Drum mics were just cheap Shure PG mics 
- PG52 on the kick 
- PG56 on the snare and toms 
- Schoeps clones as overheads 

All mics went into a Roland-R88 audio recorder, no computer involved in the recording. It's a one-take type of deal