Studio Life Snippets ep. 4 - Workflow for crazy deadlines

When you have to do whatever it takes to be able to deliver the best possible result on a very small amount of time


After working for 3 years on the music for "Shadow of the Tomb Raider", Brian had to put the actual soundtrack together in a very short amount of time.
"The music was already done, why does it have to be so complicated?"
Well... it's two different monsters.
Yes, the music was done, but it was written to be used in gameplay and that doesn't always translate to a great "listening to music" experience.
Some songs need to be re-arranged, parts need to be cut or added, instruments taken out, or new instruments need to be recorded.
Sometimes he needs to add a main solo instrument to a piece, or two (or three songs) will be joined together into one song.
What if those songs that we are joining together were recorded in different times or different studios? We moved to a different studio in the middle of the project, so that is exactly the case.
In this video, I'm not going into detail on what was done for the soundtrack. I'm just showing a little bit of our setup while working in the soundtrack.
I hope you enjoy.
If you have any questions, shoot them up in the video's comments section.

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