Thiago Castro - "Why Not?" single is out now!

Last year I had the pleasure to spend an afternoon inside a normal rehearsal room  with some extra-talented musician friends (Thiago Castro on Drums, Lucas Barnery on Guitar, and Thiago Baumgarten on Bass) and that afternoon generated two awesome tunes, this one linked below and a fully live jam, named “Peanut Butter” 

This song was tracked live (you might actually be able to hear them talking during the music 😉) using Universal Audio Apollos (x8p for drums and original Silver face for guitar and bass DIs). 

Thiago Castro was so happy with the results that he decided to keep improving the tune and inviting some other friends to join with some overdubs: Bruno Wambier on Keys and Diego Baco on Saxophone.

There are no samples or edits in this song and apart from overdubs on the solos, this is a live as it gets. Thiago did produce the extra instruments (horns and keys).

I hope you all enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed working to make it sound as it does.

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