COVID Jamming #12 - "Manganese"

A new song for the project  

Click on the title to read about the signal chain for the recordings:

Matheus's guitars were recorded through his Katana amp via USB, using the clean channel and an overdrive pedal.   

Bernardo's bass was tracked using the direct out of a small Vox amp into a Zoom H4 (used as a soundcard)   

Daniel's guitar (top left) was recorded using a M-Audio FastTrack Pro straight into the computer with Revalver 4 as the amp emulation.

Drums were tracked in a small garage using a VERY cheap CAD drum mic kit (kick, snare and 2x tom mics) and a pair of Oktavas as overheads   

All mics went into a Universal Audio Apollo x8p using API Legacy Strip Unison preamp emulations. Some EQ, compression AND tape saturation were added during tracking.   

The drums are one take with no editing or samples anywhere.   


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