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COVID Jamming #2 

Still having fun playing and experimenting with some gear selection on the drums: 
Drum mics were just cheap Shure PG mics 
- PG52 on the kick 
- PG56 on the snare and toms 
- PG81 as overheads 
All mics went into a Roland-R88 audio recorder, no computer involved.


Free EMT140-like plugin! 

We all know SoundToys do AMAZING sounding plugins... so why would you NOT get their free EMT 140 Plate interpretation?

The only reason you wouldn't get it, is if you don't have and don't want to have an iLok account. Because you CAN authorize it to your Desktop computer and not need an actual iLok.
Go grab yours now, on the link below:


Note that the plugin is free until November 22nd 2017