"Itacimirim Sessions" - Thiago Castro playing "Siren" by Sean Angus Watson

This is part of a weekend at a beach house, tracking drums and having some fun.

The setup was less than ideal but it still sounded good:

  • RE20 outside of the kick
  • Audix i5 on the snare
  • SM57 on the tom
  • Sennheiser 421 on the floor tom
  • a pair of RM BIV-1 as room/overheads (you can see their placement in the video)

I used Universal Audio Unison API Legacy strip in all channels with some EQ and Studer Tape emulation in all channels and printed these chains to the DAW (LUNA in this case)
Not a lot of post-processing after, just some bus compression and minor EQ adjustments.

This was treated as an exercise to hear how the drums sounded in that specific room AND to see how much leakage we got with the windows open (While tracking, I could hear the wind into the ribbon mics for example) and how much that would affect my results when mixing.


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