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The Lef7overs new single "Paranoia" is out now! 

This is a project that we started planning before the whole virus situation and that we only were able to finish now in 2022.
Drums were tracked by Matt Nozetz at Avbury Studios, bass tracked by Corrina Fisches herself, I tracked the guitars at home using amp sims and the vocals were tracked by Jérémy Tremblay.
Mixing and mastering was done using Universal Audio's LUNA.

Diego Pires new single "Aftermath" is out now! 

I had the pleasure to mix and master 4 songs for Brazilian guitar player Diego Pires's first solo EP.
The album was recorded mostly at his home studio and has no "mic'd" instruments.
Guitars went through either a Neural DSP Quad Cortex or Mercuriall's "AmpBox Reaxis, drums were programmed and are a blend of several different libraries and the bass was also recorded through a Quad Cortex.
Enjoy it!